Agrobase is a comprehensive and user friendly cloud based management Information System (MIS) that has been designed by Mobipay, it offers unique opportunities for various actors in the agric sector

Why you need Agrobase

  • Agrobase is a customized and user-friendly system that enables an individual(s) /organizations to:
  • Integrate and manage relevant and reliable data for improved decision making and strategic planning
  • Access comprehensive data on the profile of members and activities
    Generate reports in various formats (Excel and PDF) that helps users to know and manage their members and activities
  • Generate and access analytics/insights including a graphical representation of trends
  • Access reliable records that increase user credit scores for an affordable loan and other facilities

Agrobase Modules

Consignment Module: This module manages consignments from farmer level to cooperative then to the Producer Organisation.

Farmer Profiling Module: Under this Module, Farmer details are captured into the system alongside their farm details and Geo-coordinates.

E-extension Module: Used to send out relevant agro and content specific SMSs about the weather and/or agronomic information to farmers

Training Module: Used to assign trainings to trainers and record all the content of the trainings including the attendees, location and duration.

IVR Module: through this module, IVR information is recorded and stored in the system, beneficiaries/ farmers can then later on access this voice information using their registered phone numbers.

Feed-back/Short Code: used by registered beneficiaries to request information using shortcode, the information is sent to the beneficiary via SMS.

Agro -Input aggregation Module: This module is used to aggregate inputs from certified agro-input dealers for farmers

Loan Module: This module is used to manage money or services loaned to smallholder farmers

Product Sales Module: This module is used by the Cooperative or Producer organization to record product sales for easy management

Processing Module: Used to record the cleaning and packaging processes of purchase crops, this gives insight on loss during cleaning and quantities and qualities on all the packaged outcomes after cleaning.

Trace Module: through this module, information regarding finished and packaged goods are stored via QR-codes/ barcodes. the information can be obtained by scanning the codes via the agrobase app

Messaging/ Chat Module: Used to send chats among system members to ease communication.


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