About Us

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MobiPay AgroSys Limited is an Africa-based international technology solutions company registered in Uganda, aiming at improving people’s lives through innovative solutions to drive Agriculture, financial services and boost trade in Africa. Established in 2016, the company has the core vision to offer high-tech solutions and innovations for agriculture value chain actors feeding the world and financial inclusion. Our vision is to offer High-tech solutions and Innovations for the agricultural value chain actors feeding the world.

MobiPay offers a technology cloud-based model, an innovation that is designed to create farmers’ visibility, create linkages of small-scale farmers to other value chain players and offer possibilities that were previously unavailable in the agricultural sector. Also, MobiPay avails technology solutions, which are data-driven to capture farmer’s data with respect to their bio-data, farm status, production data, and historical data as well as offering secure electronic payments and settlement transactions for various clients and financial institutions.


To offer high-tech solutions and innovations for agricultural value chain actors feeding the world.


To provide effective growth through exceptional client service, innovation, quality, and commitment.


To become the primary agri-fintech company that provides agricultural value chain actors revolutionary technologies.

Our Core Services

  • Farm and Farm Enrollment (Geo Mapping, Geo Fencing, Geo Tagging, Geo Tracing)
  •  Measurement and Evaluation (Project Management, Project Impact Assessment, Monitoring and Evaluation)
  • Management Information System Development for bulk payments and collections

Our Clients

Include Farmers, Farmer Groups, SACCOs, Agri-development Partners, Commercial Banks, VSLAs, Mobile Telecos, Agro-processors, Retails merchants, Micro-finance institutions

Meet our Managing Director

“MobiPay recognizes that agricultural technologies must be tailored to optimize opportunities for young people, particularly rural young men and women, to maximize on-farm production and ease their entry into off-farm activities. However, while young people in the urban settings are rapidly advancing and incorporating technologies in every aspect of their lives, those in the rural areas (especially youth women, refugees and people with disabilities) have limited and/ or no access to use and benefit from such technologies.

The key contributing factors include lack of intended efforts to reach the youths in hard-to-reach rural settings with agricultural technologies, low digital literacy, limited knowledge and awareness of the importance of technology amongst rural communities. Also, most rural adopters who are aware of technologies, sometimes lack the skills to utilize them.

Along the agricultural value chains, most Private Sector Actors (PSAs) often do not have and/ or use comprehensive digital solutions in their business. Accordingly, they have limited access to real-time information to make informed decisions and strategic planning, hence, inefficient in their operations and reduced profitability

It is against these limitations that MobiPay has developed various digital agricultural platforms to scale technological adoption and use by the PSAs and rural communities (especially youth women, refugees and people with disabilities).

I welcome you to talk to us and let us explore to service the rural communities who are feeding our nation and the world”.